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On this site you will find reference material regarding all Boss products made since 1977. With its reputation of great sound and built like a tank, the compact pedals have become legendary among musicians around the world. When this site started 2001, the compact pedals was the only product covered. Their drum machines, tuners and recording equipment, to mention a few, have become the business standard so it was appropriate to expand the site to cover all Boss products.

The site is under constant development and new content will be added whenever discovered. Information not available on the product pages may be found in the forum so if you're not already a member, please take the time to register.

There is a lot of people who deserve a BIG THANKS for helping me with these pages. It has become too many to list but believe me, all the information, questions and suggestions you have mailed me have been very much appreciated so keep the information coming.

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Please note that this site is NOT affiliated with Roland, Boss, or their dealers in any way.

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