bossarea-boss-oc-20g-poly-octave-gk-effectBoss OC-20G Poly Octave 2005:

The BOSS WP-20G Wave Processor and OC-20G Poly Octave represent a major breakthrough in guitar pedal technology. With their 13-pin GK Pickup inputs, these compact “GK Effect” Pedals can process each guitar string individually, yielding amazing synth-type effects (WP-20G) and polyphonic octave capabilities (OC-20G) far beyond any effects pedals in history.

  • World’s first polyphonic octave pedal for use with GK-equipped guitars
  • Octaves can be assigned to different strings for simulated guitar/bass combos
  • Onboard electric and acoustic guitar simulations, plus Distortion effect
  • Accommodates playing chords while using octaves
  • Rugged, dual-pedal design with simple, knob-based controls

*Note that optional GK-2AH pickup or equivalent required for use.

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