Compact pedal labels

This page shows pictures of all bottom labels used on compact pedals so far. I have named these Type 1, Type 2 and so on. If the only difference between two labels is the colour, the labels measurements, AC adaptor type or the country of origin (Made in Japan or Taiwan), the pedal type is appended with a letter forming names like Type 2A, Type 2B or similar. An exception was made for the PSM-5 labels which are all Type 7 regardless of the text contained on the label.


Analog pedals without BBD integrated circuits.

Up until 1984 all Boss pedals (BBD circuit or not) had black labels that you can find in this first set below.  From 1984 the black and silver labels were used only on analog pedals without BBD circuits.

Type 1 
This is the first compact pedal label. It was used from serial number 6400 to around serial number 9800.
Type 2
The difference between Type 1 is the white line at the tope which reads Boss AC adaptor instead of Power DC-9V. Note, it is not uncommon to find this label on pedals with the black thumb screw.
Used from 1977 to 1981
Type 2A
"Made in Japan" is printed on a sticker.
Used for a short time, early 1982 on pedals with serial number 15xx00 or 16xx00.

Type 2A
This is the same label as the one to the left.
If the sticker is removed, the underlying
label displays Roland Japan.
Type 3
Last bullet point reads "Unscrew using your fingers..."
Used from 1981 to 1989 
Type 3A
Same as Type 3 but Made in Taiwan.
Used on early Taiwan made pedals like the OD-2 and HM-2 during 1988 and 1989. 
Type 3B 
Identical to type 3 but the label has been made a little longer to accommodate a serial number sticker. The pedal pictured was an early pedal with the serial number in the battery compartment.
Used around 1988
Type 3B
This picture shows a label of type 3B with a serial number sticker attached. Used on pedals made in Japan up until 1992.
Type 3C
This is the same label as 3B but it says Made in Taiwan at the bottom instead of Japan.
Used between 1989 and 1995  
Type 3D
The silver label was introduced to keep apart pedals made for the ACA power supply with pedals made for the PSA power supply.
Used on early DS-2s. 
Used 1988 and 1989
Type 3E
This is the Taiwan version of type 3D. It was used from 1989 until 1995.
Type 4
The third bullet point is gone and the pedal has the CE logo. The serial number sticker at the bottom has been scratched off the label pictured.
Used 1995 and 1996.
Type 5
The last version of the black label. The difference from Type 4 is the addition of the text "Dry battery 9V type" under the adaptor information.
Used from December 1995 to 1997 
Type 5A
Silver label PSA adaptor version of Type 5.
On pedals made between late 1997 and July 1999, you might find a black sticker at the bottom of this label saying N225.
Used from 1996 to 1999  
Type 6
The N225 logo has been added to the label. Also notice that the word "type" has been removed from "Dry battery 9V type".
Used from 1999 to 2006.
Type 7
The current version of the silver label has the recycle bin indicating that the pedal is RoHs and WEEE compliant.
Used from March 2006. 

PSM-5 labels.

Type 8
Found on the first PSM-5 pedals.
Used from 1983 to 1985 
Type 8A
All other black label pedals are made for the ACA adaptor so Boss decided to change the PSM-5 label colour to red in 1985.
Used from 1985 to 1988
Type 8B
Same as 7A but a little longer with space for a serial number.
Used from 1988 to 1992
Type 8B
Another picture of label 7B. This one has a serial number sticker at the bottom.

Type 8D
Same as 7B but Made in Taiwan.
Used from 1992 to 1995
Type 8E
CE logo added.
Used 1996-1997.  

Digital pedals or Analog pedals with BBD integrated circuits

Prior to 1984, pedals with BBD circuits were using black labels of type 1, 2 or 3. From 1984 the pedals fell in under FCC regulations and new labels with different colours were used to avoid confusion.

Type 9
This label is very rare. It is blue and the bullet point stating that you need a PSA adaptor is added but it lacks the FCC compliance text. The colour is the same as Type 11/11A. It was used on the first batch DD-2s early 1984.
Type 10
The green label appeared from 1984. It is similar to the black Type3 label but contains an additional bullet point with the text. Complies with the limits for a Class B computing device pursuant to Subpart J of Part 15 of FCC Rules.
Used from 1984 to 1989.
Type 10A
Longer than the previous Type10 label but otherwise identical.
Used late 1988.
Type 10B
Same text as Type 10A but has Made in Taiwan instead of Japan.
Used 1988-1989
Type 10C
Same text as 10A but the label is longer to make  space for the serial number sticker.
Replaced by the orange label 1994.
Used from 1989 to early 1994.
Type 11
This label is the PSA version of Type10 but it also contains a new bullet point reiterating the need for a PSA adaptor. 
Used mid 1980s 
Type 11A
Same text as Type11 but a little longer.
Used late 1980s.
Type 11A
This is another picture of the 11A label. This one has a serial number sticker where the letters has disappeared over time. This picture gives a better representation of the label's colour than the one to the left and Type 10. Note that they all have the same colour.
Used mid 1989 till early 1992.

Type 11C
This label has the same text and length as 11A but is Made in Taiwan. Used 1992-1994.
Type 12
This label is darker blue than Type 9 and 11. The second bullet point differs from Type 11 as it reads "The power switch is incorporated into the output jack. To extend the battery life, leave the connection cord unplugged when not in use."
This label was used on DSD-2 and DSD-3 pedals from  1985 to 1988
Type 12A
Same as Type 12 but longer. Only used on DSD-3 pedals from 1988 to 1989.
Type 13
The orange label replaced the green label on ACA pedals, early 1994. The wording of the FCC compliance bullet point is different than on Type 10 pedals.
Used 1994-1997
Type 14
The pink label replaced the blue Type 11C label 1994.
Used 1994-1996
Type 15
The CE logo was added to the pink label 1996.
Used between 1996 and 1999.
Type 16
The dark gray label replaced the pink label, 1999. Since then, all pedals has been shipped with either dark gray or silver labels.
Used 1999-2006

Type 17
The colour of this label is the same as Type 16 but may look different in the picture above. The pedal with the recycle bin was introduced 2006 to indicate RoHs and WEEE compliance.
Used 2006-present
Type 20
This dark gray label was only used on the RV-2, 1987.

Thanks to forum members Goran, pawnshop_trash, Astatine, Scrappy,vicix, m3_entity, Laurie, Dirk and Dr.Bob for additional label photos