Boss GL-100 Guitar Driver

GL-100 Guitar Driver

The GL-100 is a 1 unit rack-sized preamplifier. It was released in the late 80s and it is a precursor for today's modelling amps. The GL-100 didn't use any COSM modelling. Instead it had two separate channels. The first channel has 5 different overdrive/distortion modes and a 4 band equalizer. The second channel has 4 settings, where two are distorted modes and a 3 band equalizer. Using a latched foot swicth like the FS-5L, it is possible to switch between the two channels.

There are balanced and unbalanced (jack) stereo and mono outputs. There's also a separate switch at the back to turn off the speaker simulation if the unit is connected to a power amplifier with speakers.The manual contains a couple of pages with 18 sample settings ranging from Jazz to Heavy Metal.