ME-6B Bass Multiple Effects

ME-6B Bass Multiple Effects

Boss Guitar Effects Guide Book Vol. 9-10 (1993-1994)

Designed especially for bassists, the BOSS ME-6B Bass Multiple Effects is an innovative multi-effects processor with a killer synth bass effect. The ME-6B features eleven effects, seven of which can be used simultaneously. Your sound is always clear and never muddy.

11 Effects
  • Compressor

  • Enhancer

  • Overdrive

  • Distortion

  • Equalizer

  • Noise Suppressor

  • Chorus

  • Flanger

  • Reverb

  • Delay

  • Synth Bass

  • Among the ME-6B's bass effects are a Compressor, Enhancer and EQ that are essential for live playing and recording; pro-quality Reverb, Delay, Chorus and Flanger; and three types of Overdrive/Distortion. A Noise Suppressor ensures that your sound will always be clean.

  • The ME-6B's Synth Bass effects gives you 12 great monophonic syn­thesizer sounds that you can mix in with your straight bass sound to get the ideal balance. It includes four dynamic filters for dynamics sensitive "wah" effects.

  • The ME-6B comes loaded with 25 preset effects patches that you can access with the 6 footswitches, or you can save your own patches and settings for instant recall.

  • Convenient Manual Mode

  • You can keep your tuner always connected with the Tuner Out jack.

  • Sturdy, dependable construction.