Boss TU-12H Chromatic Tuner

TU-12H Chromatic Tuner

TU-12 Dealer Slick, ca 1985:

TU-12H for all tuning and scaling of any musical instrument

  • Chromatic Tuner TU-12H inherits the quality of easy operation and high efficiency of full automatic tuner TU-12; besides, it is improved to adapt itself to much wider range on the scale C1-B6 for wind instruments, strings, keyboards, folk music instruments and of all kinds.

  • Either of the two modes can be selected according to the range of instruments: Chromatic L for C1-B5, and Chromatic H for C2-B6. As shown in the figure, TU-12H has enough fine efficiency to measure high freqency range such as of flute or violin.
    Being no-need-to-touch tuner, TU-12H automatically detects the sounded note and shows its pitch as you play one after another; it is possible to make tuning along with playing the instruments which by all means involves both hands for their performance.

  • TU-12H offers you an excellent help not only in tuning but also in scaling. In case of wind instruments, TU-12H helps you to practice to set right unsteady long tone or high notes. Or strings like violin, cello, viola, you will come to make out finger positions by frequency practicing with TU-12H. And when tuning of keyboards such as piano, TU-12H is a fine gadget for checking the inaccuracy in pitches.

  • On the meter of TU-12H concert pitch can be measured from 430-450Hz. Using TUNING GUIDE indicators, you can set up fundamental pitch from 440 to 445Hz in 1 Hz increments, which allows you full-automatic tuning.

  • For further details of operation, please refer to the TU-12